Time 4 Learning Review

More and more families consider homeschooling a better option for their children’s education these days. Some parents state that with a vast number of problems in modern schools, they do not feel like sending their kids to public schools.

Others live outside the cities and do not want to make their kids commute to school for too long. Some families move from one location to another, and not willing to stress out their children by having them switch schools, get acquainted with new people or adjust to new school rules, and they opt to educate them at home.

Finally, there are families who want not only to educate their kids but also bring them up with individual values. And since it is easier to do inside their own household, they decide to opt for home-based education. For them, it is not only a way to give their children an excellent education but also bring up mature personalities with strong moral values.

However, regardless of the reasons to opt for this type of education, parents often face the difficulty of choosing the right program they will stick to along the way. There are tons of offers in this niche, so they wonder how to choose the system, they would actually like and find useful.

In this time4learning review, we will explain why we believe that this system is your best choice to homeschool kids. So, read on to find out more.


First of all, let’s talk about all the advantages this system has over the rest of options out there.

It’s cheap.
The cost of the system is really affordable. And thus, if you are homeschooling two or more students, you will feel the difference: time 4 learning will keep your pockets full. Moreover, one does not have to pay for shipping, downloads, or CDs in the course of education. Since all the program is Internet-based, all your children need is a working laptop with access to the Internet. You won’t have to pay extra for printables or additional lesson plans. That’s a great deal!

It’s flexible.
Parents have a chance to adjust their kids’ curriculum when needed. With specialized tools available inside the system, they can develop their own lesson plans if they see that something is not quite working for their kids.
Besides, if your family is going away for the weekend or you want to give your kid a break, you do not have to pay for it. There is a special option that allows you to pause, stop or cancel your membership inside the system anytime. That is a considerable advantage over the rest of the options on the market.

It’s simple.
The program itself as well as it’s form and structure is simple to understand and work with. And should you have any questions, you can always check out the available guides. Their team has prepared two useful guides to answer the questions of confused parents on where they should start with homeschooling, and what learning style their kids need.

It’s safe.
Since the system was developed for children, parents have no reasons to worry about the inappropriate content their kids might meet online. The system is entirely ad-free, so when your little ones are going through their lessons or looking for new information, you can relax: it is all taken care of.

It covers all the bases.
The system does not only focus on homeschoolers. You can find materials on unschooling, special needs students, roadschooling, home-based education in the families of military servants, etc.
The team has two separate sections called “Accidental Homeschooler” and “Gifted Child” if needed. It is especially great for kids who are not challenged enough by the existing school program. They can get more complicated tasks and conquer new heights even before their peers do.

These are just several of their most significant advantages. We know a lot more. And we will cover them further in our time4learning.com review.


There are at least 3.500 different useful lessons available inside the system. However, in this case, quantity does not overweight quality.

Developers did their best to make the system simple to use and quite self-explanatory. Thus, you can easily navigate through the pages, access lessons suitable for kids in different grades, and use extra resources available online including art activities, free worksheet, printables, etc.

And in case you do not understand something, there is always a possibility to contact the Customer Support Representatives to get your questions answered. These guys are available 24/7.


As you noticed in other time4learning reviews, this system is somewhat affordable. If your children are in preschool, Elementary school, or Middle school, then you will have to pay $19.95 per month for the first student and $14.95 for every next one.

Meanwhile, education for high school students with this program costs a bit more – $30 per month.

The program also offers you to take advantage of the 14 days money back guarantee. So, if you became a member but did not like the system within the first two weeks, you can request a refund. So, you can try and see whether the system works for first before you agree on a long-term membership.

Customer Support

As we have already mentioned above, time for learning care about their customers. That is why they have strong customer support that is there for you to answer questions and resolve issues 24/7.

Thus, if you have any troubles figuring out how the system works, or you cannot quite understand where to find an Administration panel for parents, grading or electronic reporting logs, just drop them a line and have them solve it within minutes.

They are available via phone, chat, or email: choose whichever way works best!

These are not all the benefits we could have mentioned. However, we realize that you might not have all the time in the world to read it all. So, to save your time, we only wrote about things that we find the most valuable.


Time for learning is an excellent alternative to thousands of other homeschooling programs out there. It is simple to use, so you do not have to be a savvy-tech parent to comprehend it. It is safe for your kids as there are no ads inside the system or any other potentially harmful content.

You won’t have to overpay for shipping, downloads, CDs, and other materials. Plus, membership itself is not too expensive. And finally, it is suitable for parents new to homeschooling.

All these points combined make it an extremely useful resource you definitely should take care of. And if you are still on the fence about this decision, consider checking out their Demo videos to gain a better understanding of whether you like the system or not. Do not hesitate to take your kid with you to see how he interacts with the video or whether the videos are clear and easy to understand to him.

We guarantee you will love it! So, give it a try!

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