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When you log on to the site, the first thing that welcomes you is a myriad of pictures, fonts, and colors that are not that professional. The homepage contains unnecessary information that could have been placed elsewhere on the website. It has content that’s not relevant to a first time visitor. The main page is supposed to give a warm and friendly vibe to a visitor, and although shmoop com consider themselves as fun, this can be a turn off for someone who values professionalism in every aspect of their dealings.

Its navigation, however, is easy as they have outlined all the main icons that will lead you to the necessary information. There is a search bar where you key in the details of what you require, and if they have it, it will show up in the results.

The Intent of seeks to improve the grades of students so that they can be a source of inspiration to the community and pride to their parents. They cover all subjects in their training although it was difficult to find what exactly it is that they teach. They are focused more on advertising other people’s products that they forgot their principal objective.

It’s quite hard to get a shmoop review online, so you cannot tell per say what it is that they do. Every page you click on, you will be asked to advertise with them, or they will be showcasing their ratings. You will be forgiven to think you’re on a marketer’s website, not an academic one. They also focus mostly on you subscribing to their services or purchasing their packages instead of first showing a person what it is that they will be getting for their money.

They have listed the following as some of the areas they concentrate on:

  • Economics
  • Civics
  • Math
  • US history
  • Literature
  • Digital literacy

They haven’t specified if the material is for students or teachers.

Content of Review

There is lots of material on You will find reference to a movie, then a few moments later come across a test prep icon. The information on this website is scattered all over that it can be confusing to a visitor who wanted specific information quickly. The cartoon drawings and images do not help in making one feel like the content is worthy. They claim to have videos on every subject, literature reviews, and a bunch of other academic materials but one can only access them once they register.

It is a wrong move as they should first let a potential client sample what they have to offer and see the quality of their work before committing themselves to the site. They also sell teaching guides which contain:

  • Pop culture shout-outs. If one seeks to engage students, but they are out of touch, writers at shmoop com will enlighten you on the latest trends.
  • Discussion questions. They offer you questions that you can use to engage a class. They also indicate you can use these questions to write an essay as a student.
  • Activity ideas. Contains ideas on how to lighten a classroom when you think students are bored. Students can also use it as a step by step guide to pass a rainy day.
  • Real talk. It’s for teachers, and it is a note that highlights the challenges that teachers face. It also contains the opportunities that come with teaching a particular subject.
  • Handouts. You can print and pass them to students either to complete as a group or as an individual project.
  • Comprehension quizzes. The history and literature guide which comes with answers to boot.

As you go through all this information, you realize that the website does not specify who their target is. The site claims that it’s for teachers but in the explanation, they say students can use it too. They also mix television jargon with historical facts which is confusing.

Pricing of

shmoop prices

On their homepage, they say that you can get a free trial, but do not mention for how long. This information you get once you sign up. However, its average pricing is:

  1. $24.68 per month. You access all their premium content.
  2. $150 annually. You also gain access to their entire database.
  3. College plus. It is for entry to their ACE credit recommended courses. It costs $87.68 per month.
  4. Teachers’ package – monthly is $24.68.
  5. Yearly teachers’ package is $300.

Their prices are competitive, and it is cheaper for any potential client to get a yearly subscription. You will save a lot of money.

Conclusion on

Is shmoop legit? The website looks and feels legit, but its presentation is all wrong. They have filled the site with a lot of information which is very confusing. You can go to three different pages and think that they are not on the same website. They should arrange the site in a way so that bombarding a visitor with so much information is reduced. It is not a good thing to confuse a visitor as they scroll through the site.

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