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Every student’s dream is to have a perfect score on their SATs/ACTs. Going by other prepscholar reviews, preparation is their essential element to help you get that score. One thing that stands out once you visit prepscholar com is the level of confidence that they have in their learning system. SAT 160+ Point Guarantee is one of the features of the website that you come across. Once you enroll with them and don’t improve by 160 points, you get your money back! is a fully automated prep program but offers one on one tutoring services too. They understand that not all students learn at the same pace, hence, they use a customization technique that tailors to each student differently. This saves time for everyone since the students will skip what they know and go directly to what is essential for them. The prep program records the highest study time because they have a progress tracker that monitors the student’s progress. Consultation is free.

Online Features of prepscholar com

The website has a wide range of online features. If you’re looking to find different learning techniques, prepscholar com is the right place. Some features include:

  • 2000+ questions to choose from
  • Detailed answers
  • Real practice tests
  • Progress tracker that monitors your progress
  • Videos
  • Strategies

And if you’re the one on one type, they offer private tutors who offer engaging lessons

How It Works

It is a personalized site as previously mentioned. You will begin by choosing a study plan and then comes the registration process which is relatively easy. This is when you will have access to their full automated programs. Their tutors work hand in hand with the automated programs to keep up with your progress.

They have two sets of plans depending on your needs:

  • Plan A – By choosing this method, you will have more tutor study and less self-study.
  • Plan B – This one involves more self-study and less tutor study.

Once you’ve chosen the study plan that you wish to follow, the next step is billing.


prepscholar pricing

Nobody said all these great services would come cheap. Their packages come in three categories:

Monitored automated prep – $995

This package offers 4 hours of tutoring and more than 40 hours of automated training. Also provided in this plan is progress tracking and tutor checkpoints to review and provide tips.

Full tutored-led complete prep – $1995

This is the most recommended package that they have. It entails 12 hours of tutoring taught by expert tutors. This plan offers more than 40 hours of online training to improve the student’s skills.

Maximum prep tutoring – $6995

It is for those in need of hands-on tutoring all through. This package includes 50 hours of tutoring! Premium tutors are the ones who will offer you close guidance. Here, you will have more than 40 hours of extra online training.

From the above pricing, one can argue that it’s best to hire a private tutor and take all the College Board SATs and ACTs that you can find. The truth is that you should not need more than 10 hours for you to achieve a perfect score. With the pricing above, one is entitled to ask, is prepscholar legit? Well, going by their client’s testimonials, a majority of them seem satisfied by the services rendered.

Quality of Services

By the time we were writing this prepscholar review, more than half of their clients were happy with the quality of the services. Some claim that, though there is a change in progress, it is not as drastic as portrayed by the website. But the primary complaint faced by many of their clients is unresponsive customer service support. They are slow to get back at you regardless of whether the matter is urgent. The lack of a live email or a phone number does not make it any easier to reach them.


The structure and idea of the program are fantastic. It does indeed fit a student’s strengths and weaknesses. They also offer a 5-day free trial to see if you will be compatible with the system. Most of the students have undoubtedly seen their points go up though at different paces. If you wish to register with them, you are advised to be motivated first or else it will be a waste of time. In comparison to their competitors, we would recommend For a site that offers a money back guarantee, it should be an obvious pick.

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