Chegg are a website that sell and rent textbooks to people. Also on offer by chegg are test prep services, studying services and tutoring. We rated Chegg to be a good supplier of textbooks and services, with an easy to use website. Tutors were of a good standard, reliable and professional in their approach.

Chegg tutor services Available

You can select textbook rentals via eTextbooks and through Chegg, you can rent them for either 90, 120 or 180 days at a time or you can purchase electronic versions that won’t become expired. The terms of rental are easy to follow and very user friendly, with built in flexibility, however for physical books you can only rent for semesters and quarter long periods at a time. A lot of other companies won’t actually offer an option to purchase permanent electronic textbooks so it is good to see that this is on offer here. Besides the online site, you can also download the Chegg app for textbooks, available on Android, iOS, Mac and PC.

Another great benefits to the service on offer is that you can read an e-textbook for free while you wait for your physical copy to be delivered. It’s good to see that chegg review student priorities, making it a great service for students that don’t have sufficient time to wait. Chegg will ship your books for free if the order is over $50, so it’s a good idea if you’re a student to make use of this and order as many as you can at one time.

Another key part of Chegg’s services is their tutoring section whereby Chegg can source you tutors that you need to help you with all sorts of studying queries. A chegg tutor can also provide you with answers to study questions that you can’t get your head around, presenting you with interactive lessons with virtual interactive whiteboards online to provide a full on learning experience. There are a wide range of subjects available for tutoring – anything from French or programming languages to algebra. It is clear that chegg study tutors are skilled in a lot of different disciplines. This support can be fit around your student schedule and the website mentions that help is available 24/7. If you’re not satisfied with the answers to your questions and the tutoring available, you can always ask for your money back.

Chegg Study Prices

Looking at prices and taking into account the prices of other similar services, our chegg review of prices showed that they offer a rather competitive price scheme, fitting into the student market. For learning with a chegg tutor, the basic rate starts at $15 for half an hour of online one to one tutoring which seems a fair price. In terms of renting textbooks, you can save up to 90% of the value you would through Chegg rather than if you were to buy a textbook yourself. College textbooks are notoriously expensive so chegg study the market and do well to provide a service for a considerably cheaper price.

A great thing about Chegg is that for their tutoring service you can arrange to have a free trial, so you can try before you buy. This differentiates Chegg from a lot of other websites out there which get you to pay up even though you’ve not experienced any of their services. This offer means that you’re able to make your own assessment of Chegg’s tutoring before paying a penny.

Chegg Tutor Quality of Service

When placing a rental order for a physical textbook the book itself came in a complete box which was nice to see as it could be used again to send rentals back without damaging them. What was also impressive was that Chegg put a little gift of laundry products into the box as well, showing their commitment to helping out students. Is chegg legit in working to help students? We certainly think so.

Another great part of the website that reveals Chegg’s commitment to students is its section whereby you can apply for a free 30 day extension on your rental if you really need it. This makes it perfect for students that have tight deadlines or extra things they need to put into their assignments after they’ve been edited and reviewed. The form is quite simple and easy to fill out, so the process guarantees you’ll receive your extension. If you want to continue on with the extension period, you can keep paying for an extra extension if you wish.

We conducted our own chegg tutoring reviews of the tutoring services by ordering a short 30 minute help with a science problem. During our chegg tutors review we knew the answers already but played dumb for the purposes of the test. Luckily, we were explained the problem and a solution by one of Chegg’s online tutors. It was a fairly simple process and we were able to fit it around a time slot that worked for us. As a trial we also asked to amend the time on a couple of occasions and the tutors were willing to reschedule with ease – this makes Chegg a good website for students who have busy schedules. It is certainly the case that chegg tutors review student concerns in a professional manner. Looking online at a comprehensive check of many other chegg tutoring reviews, we found that a lot of customers were satisfied with the solutions to their problems and that tutors were of a high standard. We also found people online asking a lot of questions like is chegg legit or is chegg safe and many of their customers backing up their answers of “yes”.

Customer Support for Chegg Tutor

One of the best things about the Chegg app is its Q&A part where you can look at different question boards to find your answers to queries as well as submit your own questions to be answered. Chegg offer a number you can call, though unfortunately unlike other services, the number does not offer 24/7 support but only works during certain hours, however we found that the customer support team down the line were fairly swift and professional in answering our queries and responding to concerns that we voiced. There is also a chat service on offer but like the phone number it isn’t always available 24/7, which can be annoying if you’re in a different country where the hours don’t correspond to your schedule.

Chegg Tutor Conclusion

In conclusion, Chegg is really your best bet if you’d like to rent textbooks with ease and flexibility. The extension scheme is a real generous offer that makes it a lot easier and user friendly to rent textbooks with ease. When considering the tutoring part of Chegg, we can safely conclude that the tutoring we had was professionally undertaken and was of a fair price. So is chegg safe for students? Absolutely. Not only this but it is clear that with all the services on offer, Chegg’s ethos is fully involved in helping all aspects of student studying. Chegg is a good website for the student market, offering decent rates for the services available.

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