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Shmoop Review Design Review

When you log on to the site, the first thing that welcomes you is a myriad of pictures, fonts, and colors that are not that professional. The homepage contains unnecessary information that could have been placed elsewhere on the website. It has content that’s not relevant to a first time visitor. The main page is supposed to give a warm and friendly vibe to a visitor, and although shmoop com consider themselves as fun, this can be a turn off for someone who values professionalism in every aspect of their dealings.

Its navigation, however, is easy as they have outlined all the main icons that will lead you to the necessary information. There is a search bar where you key in the details of what you require, and if they have it, it will show up in the results.

The Intent of seeks to improve the grades of students so that they can be a source of inspiration to the community and pride to their parents. They cover all subjects in their training although it was difficult to find what exactly it is that they teach. They are focused more on advertising other people’s products that they forgot their principal objective.

It’s quite hard to get a shmoop review online, so you cannot tell per say what it is that they do. Every page you click on, you will be asked to advertise with them, or they will be showcasing their ratings. You will be forgiven to think you’re on a marketer’s website, not an academic one. They also focus mostly on you subscribing to their services or purchasing their packages instead of first showing a person what it is that they will be getting for their money.

They have listed the following as some of the areas they concentrate on:

  • Economics
  • Civics
  • Math
  • US history
  • Literature
  • Digital literacy

They haven’t specified if the material is for students or teachers.

Content of Review

There is lots of material on You will find reference to a movie, then a few moments later come across a test prep icon. The information on this website is scattered all over that it can be confusing to a visitor who wanted specific information quickly. The cartoon drawings and images do not help in making one feel like the content is worthy. They claim to have videos on every subject, literature reviews, and a bunch of other academic materials but one can only access them once they register.

It is a wrong move as they should first let a potential client sample what they have to offer and see the quality of their work before committing themselves to the site. They also sell teaching guides which contain:

  • Pop culture shout-outs. If one seeks to engage students, but they are out of touch, writers at shmoop com will enlighten you on the latest trends.
  • Discussion questions. They offer you questions that you can use to engage a class. They also indicate you can use these questions to write an essay as a student.
  • Activity ideas. Contains ideas on how to lighten a classroom when you think students are bored. Students can also use it as a step by step guide to pass a rainy day.
  • Real talk. It’s for teachers, and it is a note that highlights the challenges that teachers face. It also contains the opportunities that come with teaching a particular subject.
  • Handouts. You can print and pass them to students either to complete as a group or as an individual project.
  • Comprehension quizzes. The history and literature guide which comes with answers to boot.

As you go through all this information, you realize that the website does not specify who their target is. The site claims that it’s for teachers but in the explanation, they say students can use it too. They also mix television jargon with historical facts which is confusing.

Pricing of

shmoop prices

On their homepage, they say that you can get a free trial, but do not mention for how long. This information you get once you sign up. However, its average pricing is:

  1. $24.68 per month. You access all their premium content.
  2. $150 annually. You also gain access to their entire database.
  3. College plus. It is for entry to their ACE credit recommended courses. It costs $87.68 per month.
  4. Teachers’ package – monthly is $24.68.
  5. Yearly teachers’ package is $300.

Their prices are competitive, and it is cheaper for any potential client to get a yearly subscription. You will save a lot of money.

Conclusion on

Is shmoop legit? The website looks and feels legit, but its presentation is all wrong. They have filled the site with a lot of information which is very confusing. You can go to three different pages and think that they are not on the same website. They should arrange the site in a way so that bombarding a visitor with so much information is reduced. It is not a good thing to confuse a visitor as they scroll through the site.

Prepscholar Review


Every student’s dream is to have a perfect score on their SATs/ACTs. Going by other prepscholar reviews, preparation is their essential element to help you get that score. One thing that stands out once you visit prepscholar com is the level of confidence that they have in their learning system. SAT 160+ Point Guarantee is one of the features of the website that you come across. Once you enroll with them and don’t improve by 160 points, you get your money back! is a fully automated prep program but offers one on one tutoring services too. They understand that not all students learn at the same pace, hence, they use a customization technique that tailors to each student differently. This saves time for everyone since the students will skip what they know and go directly to what is essential for them. The prep program records the highest study time because they have a progress tracker that monitors the student’s progress. Consultation is free.

Online Features of prepscholar com

The website has a wide range of online features. If you’re looking to find different learning techniques, prepscholar com is the right place. Some features include:

  • 2000+ questions to choose from
  • Detailed answers
  • Real practice tests
  • Progress tracker that monitors your progress
  • Videos
  • Strategies

And if you’re the one on one type, they offer private tutors who offer engaging lessons

How It Works

It is a personalized site as previously mentioned. You will begin by choosing a study plan and then comes the registration process which is relatively easy. This is when you will have access to their full automated programs. Their tutors work hand in hand with the automated programs to keep up with your progress.

They have two sets of plans depending on your needs:

  • Plan A – By choosing this method, you will have more tutor study and less self-study.
  • Plan B – This one involves more self-study and less tutor study.

Once you’ve chosen the study plan that you wish to follow, the next step is billing.


prepscholar pricing

Nobody said all these great services would come cheap. Their packages come in three categories:

Monitored automated prep – $995

This package offers 4 hours of tutoring and more than 40 hours of automated training. Also provided in this plan is progress tracking and tutor checkpoints to review and provide tips.

Full tutored-led complete prep – $1995

This is the most recommended package that they have. It entails 12 hours of tutoring taught by expert tutors. This plan offers more than 40 hours of online training to improve the student’s skills.

Maximum prep tutoring – $6995

It is for those in need of hands-on tutoring all through. This package includes 50 hours of tutoring! Premium tutors are the ones who will offer you close guidance. Here, you will have more than 40 hours of extra online training.

From the above pricing, one can argue that it’s best to hire a private tutor and take all the College Board SATs and ACTs that you can find. The truth is that you should not need more than 10 hours for you to achieve a perfect score. With the pricing above, one is entitled to ask, is prepscholar legit? Well, going by their client’s testimonials, a majority of them seem satisfied by the services rendered.

Quality of Services

By the time we were writing this prepscholar review, more than half of their clients were happy with the quality of the services. Some claim that, though there is a change in progress, it is not as drastic as portrayed by the website. But the primary complaint faced by many of their clients is unresponsive customer service support. They are slow to get back at you regardless of whether the matter is urgent. The lack of a live email or a phone number does not make it any easier to reach them.


The structure and idea of the program are fantastic. It does indeed fit a student’s strengths and weaknesses. They also offer a 5-day free trial to see if you will be compatible with the system. Most of the students have undoubtedly seen their points go up though at different paces. If you wish to register with them, you are advised to be motivated first or else it will be a waste of time. In comparison to their competitors, we would recommend For a site that offers a money back guarantee, it should be an obvious pick. Review is a pretty unique type of writing service. By doing a simple Google search, you’ll notice there aren’t many websites like this, as with most services, you get to hire a writer to complete the assignment for you. On Slader, you are merely aided in your task, and no one is hired to write an essay for you. As a word of advice, to make sure your work isn’t ruined, you should know that the content shown on this website is taken from other places, as is the case with Wikipedia. As a result, if you want to simply use the sentences provided by Slader exactly as they are, you’d better think twice, because you might be accused of plagiarism. This information is also specified on their website. They can help you with:

  • Math
  • Science
  • Literature
  • Foreign Languages, etc.

Review the Services of

For this first section of our Slader review, we’ll cover the services provided by this platform. Determining if this website is or isn’t useful for students struggling with academic tasks is not easy. After accessing Slader, you’ll be instructed to tell them the topic of your essay and start the writing part. As you proceed, they’ll provide you with tips as to what the next phases of your writing process should be. Slader doesn’t allow you to pay money to have an academic essay written by someone else. This might be labeled as a drawback by many users. This website is nothing other than a helpful tool designed to come to the aid of writers who don’t have the necessary inspiration to start working on their essay. This so-called writer’s block is a pretty common occurrence among students. In some situations, you may simply run out of ideas. As such, if you wish to access Slader and try out its features, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to carry on with your assignment. However, if you want any other kind of assistance, look somewhere else.

The Slader com Prices Review

Taking into consideration that is a completely free service, it wouldn’t feel right to start criticizing the developers for the limitations and the not-so-user-friendly features of the website. If you are not happy with this platform, it would be a good idea to find a non-free service. Right now, we should cover another aspect, namely the degree of usefulness of this free website. Of course, we are impressed with the fact that someone is willing to provide this academic service at no cost whatsoever. However, if the task of writing an academic paper from scratch is giving you too much trouble, you ought to think about using a paid service that may provide you with a flawless essay. Consequently, Slader doesn’t offer you a chance of opting for a specific quality of your essay, a feature that is made available by most companies who sell academic papers. Moreover, you’ll be forced to complete the largest portion of the writing without any help, which isn’t too helpful if you don’t have any ideas or aren’t familiar with the formatting requirements.

Is Slader Legit – Quality Features

In this section, we feel we ought to pose the next question: is Slader legit? After conducting our research, we’ve concluded that this platform is entirely legal and secure, so you have nothing to worry about! Furthermore, the website is mostly user-friendly, and their recommendations can help you overcome certain challenges when drafting an essay. When it comes to the quality of papers, we’ve found that it highly depends on your specific writing skills. If the recommendations offered here are still not useful enough to allow you to write a winning essay, it might be pointless to access this platform. We believe that you should think of this service as an instrument that has the potential of saving your life when you’re suffering from a writer’s block. Furthermore, this tool also comes in handy when you want to include a few fancy phrases to make your essay stand out. Customer Support

When it comes to customer support, Slader com has a significant drawback, as there is no such section on their website. If you want to talk to them, all you can do is write them on their Instagram or Twitter account. Seeing as the service is free of charge, we can’t really criticize them for this.

Slader Review Conclusion Statements

Most people who struggle with writing their essays are looking for a service that can do it all for them. If that is your preference, you won’t find this service to your liking. However, if you are merely looking for some professional recommendations regarding how to proceed with your assignment, Slader might be of use. This website might show you erratic titles that don’t have any connection with your topic, so it’s pretty difficult to determine its degree of usefulness. So, before submitting your paper, don’t forget to double-check it for irrelevant information. Review

If you need writing help with your essay, there are three options for you. First, you can download a ready paper from a website. This is somewhat risky, as the quality is not guaranteed and there is a chance that some of your fellow students can download the same paper. Secondly, you can order a custom paper. Mind that the price will depend on your deadline and academic level. It can turn out to be rather high. Besides, you can’t order papers endlessly. Not only because of the price. Finally, you can get writing assistance without getting your work done for you: guidelines, tips, and inspiration are the things that a good student needs. is one of the Internet resources providing you with an opportunity to write an excellent paper on your own.

Review of Services Gradesaver com & Offers

This website won’t be able to help you if you want your paper written for you. You also can’t use essay samples you find on Gradesaver com as your own. The rules of the company clearly stated that handing in their papers and using their materials without proper reference is strictly forbidden. So, if you wonder “Is Gradesaver legit?”, you can be sure it is.

It may sound like sad news for those who have no time or opportunity to work on their papers at the present moment. However, for those who strive to tackle their tasks, it is quite inspiring. Here are the main types of services provided by Gradesaver to essay writers:

  • Providing the help to inexperienced writers in breaking through procrastination and insecurity and finally starting their papers
  • Free writing guidelines created by the team of Harvard students and alumni. You can read about authors and how the books you have to write about were created. Each chapter is analyzed, and the central themes are revealed.
  • Professional editing academic papers on any topic.
  • Access to a vast database of essays on literature and college admission essays. You can select your level of academic writing skills and get a sample that meets your requirements perfectly.

There are also other services, such as:

  • answers for textbook assignments on various subjects
  • lesson plans Prices

You can benefit from most Gradesaver services absolutely out of charge. But if you want single user access to the essay database, lesson plans, and quizzes, you will have to purchase Premium membership. The monthly membership is not expensive – only $19.95. Mind that the website can become your reliable partner until the end of your studies, so it is quite reasonable to pay for a year membership which costs $99.95. This can save you a lot of money.

Quality Review of Services

The services the website offers are very diverse. So, their quality should be estimated separately. Let’s consider the major ones.

Writing Help: These are tips on writing for students. They are written by Adam Kissel who has got a language and literature degree. There is plenty of material collected by Adam on the website. Although, a huge disadvantage is that some web pages may turn out to be unavailable for some technical reasons.

Writing Guidelines: The guidelines are a perfect source of information for everybody who wants to write an essay about literature. There are plenty of primary sources which has been summarized and analyzed for you. The terms of the website allow you to reference them in your essay. And they are really worth it! The problem is that such Internet resources are frowned upon by most instructors.

Essay Samples: The quality of essay samples is questionable. There are papers written for students of different level, so they are not all A-essays. On the other hand, you can’t hand them in, so these samples are only created for illustrative purposes. Thus, their quality is of minor concern.

Editing Papers: This is definitely one of the biggest strengths of the company. As it was started as an editing service, its managers have a lot of experience in hiring qualified editors who can definitely take care of your paper.


It seems a bit strange for a company which has “an international acclaim” that you can only contact them via their website. Instead of a phone number, email, or legal address, Gradesaver only offers to follow them on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

Final Remarks

Hopefully, this Gradesaver review has revealed the weak and the strong points of the website. If you ask whether this site is good or not, we would say ‘good’. But, please, mind that its assessment hugely depends on a customer’s needs. The team won’t write a paper for you, and you’ll have to wait for an answer if you have any questions. Thus, some clients can get disappointed. Others will love all the useful information and tips the website contains.